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Outstanding projections.

Captivate attention like never before. Boost footfall and sales.

Lead the way to the future.


Add a whole new dimension to your marketing with our Holograms. Using the award-winning Kino-mo Hypervsn™ visual solution, you’ll be able to project anything from your logo to 3D product videos. Off the wall. Just a handful of brands are using hologram advertising. And they’ve hugely advanced their profits and projections.


Holograms with Scale.


Holograms started small, customers were wowed. They evolved, now they are BIG and customers are amazed. We can take one holographic animation and have it display in a larger format across five, nine, or even twenty four projectors (that's over 3 meters wide in case you were wondering).


Virtually, anything is possible.

Hypervsn™ in action


Holographic Inspiration

Come and check out our carefully curated YouTube channel where we pick some of the best examples of holographic animation and refine them so that you just get the visuals. 

See for yourself

Hi-tech. Hi-res. High sales.

Join these brands who’ve upgraded their marketing and profits.


Four-week advertising campaign using Hypervsn™ technology saw a 38.7% increase in total turnover.


Six synchronised Hypervsn™ units showing custom 3D shoe models led to a 14% increase in footfall.

Hypervsn in  Shopping Mall.jpg

One-month campaign using custom 3D models of men’s products saw customer acquisition go up by 35.3%

The Hypervsn™  visual solution.

Revolutionary. In more ways than one.


Beware Imitations.

These are the official original globally patented HyperVsn units. Our projectors have a four bladed fan, they have a higher resolution, are brighter (even in daylight) and have passed international safety standards. They are designed to be run 24-7 for 5 years. We can synchronise multiple units to play large format content (up to four meters in width). We have a cloud based content management system that allows you to manage all of your units, media and campaigns.

NO other persistence of vision hologram technology can claim these benchmarks.

At Hologrm, we use the Kino-mo Hypervsn™ technology that's backed by Sir Richard Branson and Mark Cuban, it’s been featured in the Top 3 British Innovations of the Year and was named among World’s 10 Most Impressive Technologies by Mashable and USA Today.

The Hypervsn™ visual solution includes:

·         The Unit

·         The Content System

·         Ready-to-go graphics



·         Play up to 5 hours of video content with the LED device.

·         Enjoy bright, HD quality visuals.

·         Go green with 65W power draw.

·         Easily mount the light 2.8kg unit on a wall or shelf.

·         Let it play 24/7.

·         Feel secure with the warranty and maintenance.

·         Extend the graphics to 56cm wide, or add more units for an            even bigger effect.



·         Schedule content and make playlists.

·         Get creative with the extensive media library.

·         Synchronise multiple units.

·         Manage all devices from one location.

·         Transfer content via WiFi.

·         Gather data and view analytics.

·         Give roles to different users.


Book a demo

You don’t have to see it to believe it. But we want to show you anyway.

See the HyperVsn Holographic projectors for yourself. Book a demo, we will come and visit you at your offices!


Book a live demonstration today to see how you can add a whole new dimension to your brand.